medical transport

The Two Different Types of Medical Transportation

The NEMT Service

It is important to understand the various types of medical transports available. The NEMT is non-emergency medical transportation. This type of medical transportation is offered and provided to individuals who do not need emergency medical care. emergency This non-emergency transport will also provide all of the needed medical equipment for the rider. This is ideal transportation for those riders in a wheelchair or who may need a stretcher for transporting. The NEMT is available to riders with special medical needs. This is transportation for those individuals who are not in a life-threatening situation.

The Emergency Medical Service

Emergency medical transport services are geared toward emergency medical situations. This is the ambulance service. It is also known as paramedic services. The commonly abbreviated terms are the following:

* SAMU (in various countries)

These are some of the common terms associated with emergency medical services. This is a service committed to providing out-of-hospital medical care. This is known as acute medical care. Quality medical care is given to those riders in an emergency medical situation. A heart attack would be an example. CPR would be given. The rider would have the necessary medical equipment available for a ride to the nearest hospital. The medical team, for the emergency services, will have the needed medical training to save lives.