How to Run a Non-Medical Transport Company

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A non-medical transport company helps people who cannot run errands on their own. To grow a successful company, you must have the proper insurance and the correct equipment for individuals who use a wheelchair.

You must contact adult daycare centers and nursing homes in your area. By talking to the staff, you can find out if non-medical transportation will benefit the city. In some locations, many seniors use taxi services to travel to doctor appointments.

Next, find a mode of transportation that has a lift for a wheelchair. A used vehicle is a good option if you are on a budget. Can you pay an installer to attach a lift later. 

A van is highly recommended because it has enough room for several clients. By transporting many passengers, you will dramatically increase your profits.

Fill out the proper paperwork for a limited liability corporation by contacting a state agency. An LLC will protect you if someone sues your company in the future.

You will need a proper license to transport passengers throughout the city, so contact the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles. In most cities, all drivers must have a chauffeur’s license.

Commercial vehicle insurance and liability insurance are required. You can get a quote by contacting your agent. In some cases, you may have the option to add an umbrella policy to your current policy.


At this point, you must determine the price for your service by calculating your overall gas costs. To avoid problems down the road, divide your insurance cost into the number of hours that you will operate your business each year. 

You might have to guess the number of miles you will have to drive every day. Once you have this number, divide it by your daily insurance cost. Then, add your cost for each mile and the minutes that you will drive each day. The final total will be the base price for your business.

Your company must take Medicaid payments. Contact the Medicaid office in your state to gather information about funding and the application process.

Once your business is running successfully, you must advertise it by contacting different daycare centers, nursing homes, and geriatric doctors. You can also attract many clients with a press release.

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